Verde Guatemala – Esencia de Bienestar


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A natural marble candle engraved on the front. Spreading the fresh, oriental, or sweet notes of our fragrances.

Burning time: 75 hours
Size: 15x15x10cm

Esencia de Bienestar is a natural fragrance that promotes a sense of well-being. With the fresh notes of eucalyptus, the depth of clove, and the luxurious touch of rum, this fragrance is the perfect choice for those seeking a natural and soothing scent. The oils in this fragrance have been carefully blended to provide a calming effect, making it the ideal choice for self-care and stress relief.

The exquisite Marble container can be reused as an interior design piece of many uses or additionally be refilled from our products page.

The Marble Candle is a beautiful and unique product due to the natural marble. Each container is made from natural stone, making no two identical. Therefore the pattern may vary slightly from those shown in the picture.

Being a natural stone, the marble may have slight imperfections and color variations thanks to its rich variety of finishes and luminous tones, as well as its incomparable quality.

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The difference

100% Natural Marble

The natural marble used in our candles makes each one a unique piece of art. Your candle is made from a precious and exceptional natural material. Marble, a splendid natural stone, has been used to make works of arts for thousands of years. From famous landmarks to the interiors of elegant and luxurious homes, marble has played an important role in all of these.


Because marble symbolises luxury, beauty and long-lasting quality.


This exquisite container symbolizes our commitment to reusability, as it can be reused as an interior design piece of many uses or refilled from our products page.


Luxurious and Long-Lasting

Planning all the details of the collection, NITA has put a lot of thought into using natural materials for everything and offering the opportunity to reuse them. The exquisite Marble container can be reused as an interior design piece of many uses or additionally be refilled with any desired fragrance from our shop.
Our products are built to last. To ensure they continue to be long-lasting, we design and produce our products with the highest quality available.
The difference

Exclusive Fragrances

Our Marble Candle Collection was created for those who appreciate beauty and luxurious fragrances. Each candle is handmade using 100% natural marble and pure wax, making each item a collector’s item for your home. The fragrances are full of oriental, fresh, and luxurious notes that transport you from your everyday life to an exotic and elegant journey.
These elegant, handcrafted fragrances for our Marble Collection are the perfect way to instantly elevate any space. Developed with natural fragrances and quality materials, these candles will fill your room with an aroma that adds instant luxurious charm.

Original Fragnances

Our exclusive fragrances are created in-house and tested before ever being used in our candles. With a variety of scents to choose from, each candle is designed to elevate your home.


Events and experiences inspire the collection of fragrances. Behind each fragrance, there is a story. There is a deep associative link between smell and memory, thanks to which we remember past events and feelings. 

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