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Candle Refills, designed exclusively for the Marble Candle Collection. Extend the life of your luxurious marble candle with our easy-to-use refills, available in all our signature scents. Handcrafted in Spain with high-quality European materials, these refills are part of our commitment to sustainability and minimal waste. Choose your favorite fragrance, and continue to enjoy the elegance and charm of your marble candle.

  1. Choose Your Scent: Browse our exclusive range of fragrances and select the scent that suits your mood or the ambiance of your space.
  2. Order Your Refill: Once you’ve chosen your scent, place an order for your candle refill. Each refill is made to order, ensuring optimal freshness and quality.
  3. Prepare Your Marble Container: After your marble candle has been fully used, prepare it for the refill. Gently heat the remaining wax with a hairdryer and use a kitchen towel to wipe clean. Ensure all old wax and the wick base are removed.
  4. Insert the Refill: Unpack your new candle refill. Gently place it into the cleaned marble container, ensuring it fits snugly.
  5. Enjoy Your Candle: Light the wick and enjoy your chosen fragrance. Remember, our candles are designed for longevity, so take your time and savor the scent.

By following these simple steps, you can continue to enjoy the luxurious charm of your marble candle with a new, delightful fragrance.

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The difference

Sustainability through Reuse

At NITA, we believe in the beauty of sustainability. Our marble containers are not just candle holders, but pieces of art designed to last. By choosing our candle refills, you’re not only enjoying a new scent but also contributing to a more sustainable world. Reusing the marble container reduces waste and allows you to continuously enjoy its timeless elegance.


With each refill, you breathe new life into your marble container, extending its purpose and reducing the need for new products.


Even beyond its life as a candle holder, the marble container can be repurposed into a stylish storage solution or a unique decorative piece, showcasing its enduring beauty and versatility.

100% Made in Spain

Authentic Craftsmanship, Premium Materials

Every NITA product is a testament to Spanish craftsmanship. Handmade in our local workshop, our candles are crafted using only the highest quality European materials. This commitment to quality and local production ensures that every product brings a touch of Spanish luxury to your home.
The difference

A World of Scents at Your Fingertips

Our candle refills offer you the freedom to explore our exclusive range of fragrances. Whether you prefer oriental, fresh, or luxurious notes, you can transform your marble candle to match your mood or the ambiance of your space. Each scent is designed to transport you on an exotic and elegant journey, right from the comfort of your home.

Original Fragnances

Our exclusive fragrances are created in-house and tested before ever being used in our candles. With a variety of scents to choose from, each candle is designed to elevate your home.


Events and experiences inspire the collection of fragrances. Behind each fragrance, there is a story. There is a deep associative link between smell and memory, thanks to which we remember past events and feelings. 

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