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Exclusive Marble Candles

hand crafted designed customized bespoke for your home

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Marble Collection

Hand-crafted Luxury

Each marble candle is created from a precious and exceptional natural material.

The Marble Collection candles are high-quality luxury candles handmade in the south of Spain by skilled artisans and will look like a work of art in any interior.

Exclusive Marble Collection

Our exclusive Marble Collection of handmade candles brings a warm light to your interior and transforms it into an exclusive feeling of luxury.

Naturally sublime is the perfect way to describe the Marble Candle Collection made with 100% natural marble, pure wax, cotton wicks and lavish in house developed scents.

The link between memory and scents

Luxury is a feeling that can be transmitted through smell as well. Using oriental, fresh and luxurious notes, our scents are inviting and pleasant in any room.

At NITA we work tirelessly to create new fragrances taking into consideration a variaty of preferences and moods while using the most valuable essences that are based on pure oils, extracted from natural ingredients. All our scents are created in-house and tested before being used in our candles.

Out of passion for natural stone and beauty

Marble, a splendid natural stone, has been used to make works of arts for thousands of years. From famous landmarks to the interiors of elegant and luxurious homes, marble has played an important role in all of these.

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